Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Mom

Today I put up two pictures of my mother. She has not changed a bit!
Mom was mostly a stay at home mom. She only worked part time off and on while we were at school.
For the most part Dad was a farmer, so we all were together a great deal.
Mom didn't help in the barns much, but she did a lot of gardening and canning. I remember hearing the jars seal way into the night. She didn't quit untill it was done! She was also big on having the wash hang out on the line just so. All of one thing together and color coded! She used a wringer washer until I was in my early teens.
One time we had to go out to the field to check on a new calf. We raised Black Angus. Number 5 had just delivered and we all wanted to see the new baby. So Dad packed us all in the station wagan, including our small WireHaired Terrier mix dog. Around the corner to the field we went. We got out and were a fair amount of the way back in the field when Number 5 saw us.  Boy could she run fast! Mom, very much pregnant with my little brother, rolled under the wire fence!  All of  us kids headed for trees. We still tease her about rolling under that fence. Meanwhile, as Dad was running for cover,  the little dog started barking at the big cow!  Dad had to run back out and save the dog!
I have a great Mom. She has always been there for me. She will be 82 years old in July.  Though  Dad is no longer with us, I am very thankful to still have my Mom.

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