Saturday, March 6, 2010

memories from grandmas' houses

My Grandma Wonsey had a pig cookie jar that my brother has now. She always had it filled with homemade sugar cookies.
There was a closet at the end of the living room. It had a curtain for a door and  toys for us kids.
The bed my sister, Jackie, and I slept in sank in the middle. Grandma put a couple of heavy quilts on us. We had feather pillows to finish it off. We stayed toasty warm! A neighbor's rooster woke us up in the morning if the train whistle didn't.

My Grandma Beers always fed us canned peaches or pears for dessert. She had cobalt blue custard dishes to serve them  in.  We spent most of our time with Grandpa when we visited. We rode on his feet when we were little,watched the many birds in his feeders, and put jigsaw puzzles together with him.
They had a buffet which I inherited. I also have the rocker that my real grandma used while she was so ill. Mom does not remember it never being in the house.

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