Saturday, March 6, 2010

Love Stories

Both sets of my grandparents have a story for their courtships.

Grandpa and Grandma Wonsey were twenty years apart.  They lives on either side of the pond on Hart Road, South Boardman, Michigan. Grandpa moved up there at the age of three from Bunker Hill, Michigan. Grandma was born there.
Grandpa took care of Grandma, babysitting alot. Grandma was eighteen when they married.

Grandpa Beers dated a woman named Emma Disbrow. Grandpa was away in the service and Emma was still in school. There was a school dance. Someone asked Emma to go with him since Grandpa was away. No harm--right? Well--maybe. The door bell rang and it was not her date. You guessed it! Grandpa was home on leave! Now he was so mad as Emma that they broke up.
Some years later he met Edith Gertrude Hunt. They married and had six children. One boy was still born and one girl died at six months of Rickets.
Edith, my Grandma, died at age 48. She had had 2 strokes. She was on her way to Ann Arbor, Michigan  from Bellaire. They went over first to Bay City to see her sister.  Edith had a sniffle, nothing major, but doctors said she died of pneumonia in her sister's home.

Now here comes the fun part. Emma had married also. But they devoirced. Grandpa and Emma meet up again. This time they marry. My mother has always said Emma made a good step-mom. She never pushed herself on any of the kids and never tried to get rid of anything of Edith's. To the day she died there were pictures of the kids, Edith, and Grandpa sitting around. She was a great Grandma to us kids.

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