Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I was named after.....

Many years ago, in the mid 1940's, my father was stationed in Cheyanne, Wyoming while in the army. He went home to Michigan on leave because his mother was having gall baldder surgery. He had one week of leave and one very busy week! He not only spent time with Grandma, he married my mom! Together they traveled back to Wyoming. There they rented from a couple just a few years older than themselves.
The couple, Roy and Aspan Brenning, had a little girl named Georgia Lee. My folks fell in love with her and her name. So the first girl they had would be named after her.
Well, soon Judith Lorraine came along. Then Jacqueline Kay. Finally I came. They decided if they were going to use that name it had better be now! Good thing, too. The next, and last child, was a boy- Rex Allan.
All these years I have wondered about this other Georgia Lee. What is she like? Is she still alive? She would be in her mid 60's now. I would love to find out about her and maybe talk to her- if only though a blog or email.
So my quest now is to find out how I can find her. I spent most of today on looking for her to no avail. Can anyone give me an idea where to start looking?
Wish me luck!

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