Friday, April 30, 2010

Building memories

Tomorrow two of  my grandchildren, David and Ali, will finish packing to go to Manitoba, Canada. With their mother and myself, they are going to the Narcisse Snake Dens. David has been talking of this for the last year since he heard about it. He will have his seventh birthday while we are there. The Winnipeg and Chicago Zoos are on the list of things to do, also.(We are making a big circle around Lake Michigan.) We have always liked to just wing it when traveling. One or two things to do and the rest of the time just drive and stop where ever. It should be a relaxing-even though busy-time. A time to build a few memories with the two little ones.

Granddaughter Breanne Marie Badgley

Granddaughter Danielle Nicole Badgley

Grandson David William Badgley, Jr.


Granddaughter Alexandria Leigh Badgley

Grandson Gavin Lee Cameron