Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ethel Mae Hopkins Cameron

March 3, 1920. The birthday of my mother-in-law. She died August 2004 at the age of 84.
She was a very smart woman, though she had a poor public school education experience. Mom quit school at the end of the eigth grade. She never had one full year at the same school. Her parents, Ernest and Sophia (Henry) Hopkins deviorced when Mom was very young. Neither of them wanted the responsiblity of two children so they gave them up for adoption. After years of foster care homes and living with relatives, Mom and Aunt Virginia were adopted by Uncle Ted, their dad's brother.  Uncle Ted was a Nazerene evangelist, so they moved around a lot.
Ernest remarried but did not have any more children. Sophia married Uncle Henry, another of Ernest's brothers, after Ernest died. Uncle Henry had a daughter named Cathlene. Sophia raised her. Cathlene told me Sophia made a great mother. Too bad her two daughters never got to no that.

But as for Mom she was a great mother and grandmother. She would always say she "would give all the tea in China" for my kids. She truely loved her grandkids. She is greatly missed.

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