Saturday, May 15, 2010

Surname Saturday

Surname Saturday-I've been reading lots of blogs to figure this one out. Do I just tell who I'm looking for? Do I try to find  a story about a name? Pick an ancestor to write about? This is all so new and I'm not the writer I'd like to be. So here goes..I think I want to list my Love ancestors.

  1. Me
  2. Dad ( Ivan wonsey)1928-2007 Born and raised in Kalkaska, Michigan. Died in Mason, Michigan.
  3. Grandma  (Pansey Bell Love) 1905 -1983 Born in S. Boardman, Michigan, Died in New Port Richey, Florida
  4.  ggrandpa  ( John Wesley Love) 1856-1939 Born in Tiogo, Co., Penn.  Died in Boardman Twnship, Kalkaska, Michigan.
  5. gggrandpa  (John Miller Love) 1815-1894 Born in Lycoming,Pa.  Died in Tiogo, Pa.
  6. Matthew Love  1774-1850
  7. Robert Love   1734-1828
  8. John Love   1706-1790   Born Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland   Died West Fallowfield, Chester, Pa.
  9. Robert Love  1679-1741    Born  Antrim, Ireland.  Died Lancaster, Pa,
  10. Robert Love  1660-1722  Born Antrim, Ireland    Died Antrim, Ireland
  11. Robert Love   1637-1722  Born Antrim, Ireland   Died Antrin, Ireland
  12. Robert Love   1610- 1684  Born Cooley, Ireland   Died Tanabirdy, Ireland
  13. Willaim Love  1580- 1645   Born and died in Glassgow, Scotland
  14. Robert Luiff  (Luiff)  1555- 1611   Born and died in Glassgow, Scotland
  15. ------Luiff    Born 1530

 I have a long way to go to fill in all the siblings.  This week I hope to work on this line.

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  1. Hey my name is tiffany (love) cantrell this is my family line to I have alot of stuff that might help you