Friday, May 14, 2010

Grandpa Wonsey

For most of my life I remember Dad as a farmer. He also worked as a tool and dye maker but that is not how I remember him. My first memories were of him off the farm in Royal Oak and Farmington, Michigan working in a shop in Detroit. Memories of Dad in Farmington are of him developing pictures in his darkroom(aka bathroom).
 From there we moved to a dairy farm in Williamston, Michigan where Dad was the foreman. I "helped" in the barn whenever aloud following him all over while getting under foot. Dad started raising Angus cattle there and when we moved to our own fourty-seven acre farm in Mason, Michigan, the cows went with us. Though Dad now worked in the shop again I still thought of him as a farmer. After a few years the cows where sold and Dad started raising chinchillas. Two or three years of that and they also were sold off.
 After twenty-five years on the "farm" Dad and Mom moved to Rosman, North Carolina. There they stayed for fifteen years doing cabinetry. From there it was back to Mason because of health issues for both Mom and Dad.
Dad died three years ago and today would be his 82nd birthday. I am a farmer's grand-daughter, daughter, and wife and very proud of it.

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