Monday, June 28, 2010

Family and friend reunion

  The last Saturday of June each year is our family/friend reunion. Since we really don't very many family members we started asking neighbors and friends. This year friends brought friends! The count totaled 72. We have had between 12 (first year)  and 88 come in the last six years.
  One of the neatest things about this year was that I met a cousin through He lives about an hour and a half from us. He and his wife came to the picnic! I met a  cousin for the first time! We shared family info and pictures he had brought. I was on cloud nine all day.
  Also my sister was able to attend. I have not seen her for three years since our father's  funeral. Her husband has been in the Army as a Chaplin. He just retired in December. Now maybe they can visit more often.
  Many photos were taken, games played, and relaxation galore. It was a truly sensational Saturday.

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